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I Thee Fled is the debut novel of Armanda Lambert. I will admit, this type of story is not my usual choice to pick off a shelf; however, I could not put this book down.

The raw emotion and honesty, which rips through the pages and then through your heart, tells a story that many women can relate to. Women who get caught in a cycle of love/hate relationships…women trying to make it work…women leaving their true selves behind in order to conform to what society says relationships should be…

“I Thee Fled” is a work of fiction, but behind every great story lies the truth of life itself. You will not be disappointed as you walk with Lambert’s main character through her world of re-discovering who she is – who she was at one time – the girl who got lost in the world of proposals.

As I grew up, there was an old saying: “You make your bed and you lie in it.” As a little girl, and as a young woman stepping out into the world, I too believed that statement is how I had to live my life – for a time. Until, I too, like Lambert’s main character, found the courage to hold my head up and walk away , embracing the dreams of my childhood.

“I Thee Fled” – a must read! (Now available through Cavern of Dreams Publishing)