What types of Services does Cavern of Dreams offer?

Editing Services

Cavern of Dreams Publishing follows the most up-to-date version of The Chicago Manual of Style and The Canadian Style in order to ensure your work is edited according to current industry standards. The editing packages are for fiction works only. Biographies, Autobiographies, and Memoirs will be treated separately. We also offer publication of writings services, but these are separate from our editing services.

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Publishing Services

Publication of writings through Cavern of Dreams Publishing is totally separate from our editing services. Cavern of Dreams will not publish a book that is not up to our editing standards. Each author publishing through Cavern of Dreams will have a separate author page on the Cavern of Dreams Publishing website, showing their picture, a bio, book covers, and a link to their books in our shop.

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Fundraising Opportunities

Cavern of Dreams Publishing is excited to be working with Canadian authors to offer a unique fundraising opportunity for your organization—books! We have compiled a catalogue of 30+ publications, for both adults and children, with proven sales. New titles are being added all the time! All our books are published here in Canada; genres range from children to adult/teen fiction to memoir, and some of the titles have First Nations content.

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