Fundraising Opportunities

How can Cavern of Dreams help you raise funds?

etap_tree[1]Cavern of Dreams Publishing and Editing Services is excited to be working with Canadian authors to offer a unique fundraising opportunity for your organization—books!

  • We have compiled a catalogue of 30+ publications, for both adults and children, with proven sales. New titles are being added all the time!
  • All our books are published here in Canada; genres range from children to adult/teen fiction to memoir and poetry.
  • You are offering a quality, Canadian-made product, and supporting local authors and publishers at the same time.
  • Your organization earns 35% of sales—if 50 sellers generate $100 each in sales that’s $1750 profit for your organization!
  • An opportunity for your organization to step away from typical, traditional campaigns and allow your sellers to offer a fresh product to their families, friends, and co-workers.

Contact us today for your copy of our latest fundraising catalogue at