B.M. Howell

Minister & Children's Author

Brian has been a children’s storyteller, in various capacities, for many years now. Throughout his career in congregational and youth ministry, grief counselling, and Long-Term Care Chaplaincy, Brian has always enjoyed opportunities to use stories as a means of reaching out to people to share thoughts, ideas, laughter, and love. Brian believes that regardless of our individual spiritual grounding, we all have much in common, as we seek to live together in harmony; striving to support, care for, and love one another.

Brian and his wife have four adult children who have been very patient over the years, listening to his stories, ramblings, songs, and rhymes. Becoming a grandparent has been a wonderful and heartwarming experience – and motivation for thinking of interesting new adventures to share. The guitar has long been a wonderful friend, diversion, and inspiration, and a love of poetry and writing has always been a part of Brian’s life … and dogs, many dogs too!